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Q. Is this service legal?

A. We aren’t lawyers, and we cannot give you legal advice, but we can indeed assure you that the operation of LadiesOfHouston is conducted in accordance with all applicable local and state laws. It’s important to mention that we do not provide you Houston escorts with the purpose of arranging for sex. That’s not what we do, and that’s not what our lovely ladies are signing up for when you book them. What we do is take the hassle out of dating by putting you in touch with incredibly beautiful women who are happy to spend time with you, go out on dates with you, and go to whatever social or business function for which you’d like to have the company of an attractive woman. Whatever develops between the two of you during your time together is entirely up to you. Services such as the type we offer are therefore entirely legal.

Q. How do I pay for Houston escorts?

A. The most popular form of payment for our services is cash, but we are also equipped to take credit card transactions. We do not store your financial information, nor do we make any records of your visit apart from necessary billing records. We will never share your transaction or billing information with any third party, so you don’t need to worry that you’ll be spammed or entered into any kind of junk mailing list or call list when you book with us. We do require you to pay the negotiated amount for our services, of course. If you have any billing or pricing questions, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Q. How long can Houston escorts be booked for?

A. There really is no wrong answer to this question. Most of our clients choose to book their ladies for long enough to go out on a fairly typical date, such as for dinner, drinks, and dancing, or something along those lines. If you think about it, that’s a period of two to three hours, but there are plenty of reasons you might need your escort for longer or for less time. If you have a very specific social or business function that you want to attend, it may be easier to estimate just how long your date will last. If you’d like to keep things a little more free-form, we certainly don’t want to interfere with your spontaneity, but we’ll need to discuss the terms of your time out with your date in order for us to coordinate your Houston escort’s schedule against the rest of our team and the needs of our other clients. We do a lot of coordination in order to ensure that everything moves smoothly and that our escorts have a minimum of schedule conflicts and delays. The results, for you, are a more efficient and smoothly running escort experience, with a minimum of problems and fuss.

Q. Can you come to me?

A. Our Houston escorts can meet you at the location of your choice, within reason, and that means they can come to your hotel or your home, or you can agree to meet at a third-party location. The choice of location must be mutually agreed on by both you and your lady, and is subject to review by our administrative staff. We always look out for the security and confidentiality of both our ladies and our clients, and we will do our best to ensure that everything runs smoothly for you.

Q. I’m worried that someone will find out I bought escort services. Should I be?

A. There’s absolutely no reason anyone would learn that you have purchased the services of our Houston escorts. We take your privacy and your confidentiality very seriously. We will never reveal the details of your transaction, or even the fact that you used our services, to any other party, nor do we sell information to any mailing services, spammers, or other identity information repositories. Complete confidentiality is always our default position when it comes to your time with us. Our ladies, too, understand that they are not to discuss you, anything you reveal to them, or the details of your life and your business when your time with your escort is concluded. Not only can you count on our confidentiality and discretion as a company, but you can count on it individually from each of our Houston escorts as well. They understand that your privacy is paramount and will never do anything to embarrass you. This is extremely important to us and actually forms much of the foundation of our repeat business. A client who cannot relax and rest assured that his privacy will be guarded is a client who cannot truly enjoy his time out, and therefore he will have an unsatisfactory experience. We make sure that when you book with LadiesOfHouston that this is never the case.

Q. Where should I go with my date?

A. The Houston area offers any number of great tourist attractions, nightclubs, bars, fine restaurants, casual dining spots, and other places to see and do fun and interesting things. That is the beauty of basing our service in this vibrant urban area, which is a center of commerce and activity, not to mention culture. The choice of where you take your date is, obviously, entirely up to you, and we encourage you to discuss it with her. In fact, you may find that our Houston escorts are the best source of ideas on this subject, because they know the area well and have visited many of the attractions previously mentioned in the course of doing their work for us. As our ladies live a party lifestyle and must be very familiar with the venues in which this takes place, they can apply their knowledge of Houston to your own time together and give you a great time that will build lasting memories for you both.

Q. Can you offer me a discount?

A. While we may be able to discuss a discount if you book the services of multiple escorts simultaneously, and it may be possible to work something out for frequent uses of our services, are rates are generally fairly straightforward and have been set ahead of time to cover the necessary costs of the service. We encourage you to contact us and discuss this if you have any questions, or if you would like to discuss potential methods of payment.

Q. Do I have to live in the Houston area to book with you?

A. Absolutely not. While some of our clients live locally in the greater Houston area, many of them are visitors from out of town. Houston does a brisk tourist business, and there are many commercial visitors to the city who are attending meetings and conventions, or simply traveling for their respective business interests. We are delighted to welcome everyone to LadiesOfHouston, whether they live in the area, have traveled in from out of town in Texas, or have come to the city from an entirely different state for tourism or business purposes. All are welcome.

Q. Should I introduce my date to my friends and family?

A. What you choose to do is entirely up to you. Most of our clients do not find it necessary to introduce their Houston escorts to their friends and family, but you may be attending a social function or a business meeting wherein not making such introductions would be awkward. Whenever in doubt, we encourage you to discuss the subject with your lady so that the two of you can decide what would be most appropriate, particularly if she is more or less comfortable with the idea. We give our ladies a lot of autonomy, as we expect them to manage the date and make sure everything works out okay. That means they have a certain amount of discretion in making decisions like this.

Q. What is LadiesOfHouston all about?

A. We connect men who want to date beautiful women with a pool of willing ladies who are happy to meet them and spend time with them. We coordinate the schedules of our girls in order to book times that you find convenient, according to your schedule, and we charge a fee for this service. We are not, however, arranging for sex or for any other specific activity between you and your lady. Whatever develops between the two of you, during your time together, is entirely up to you both. We believe that our service helps cut to the chase and eliminate the pitfalls of traditional dating in order to help you spend time in the company of a gorgeous woman.

Q. I’m interested in Houston escorts, but it could hurt my career or my family if someone found out. Can you help?

A. We will treat you with complete confidentiality and discretion. This is our absolute top priority and why we are the #1 escort agency in all of Houston.

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