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Houston Escorts are Better than Traditional Dating

Have you ever stopped to think why a man might choose to go out with a Houston escort? Do you ever wonder if there might be a better way to seek feminine companionship than the old way you have been following? What we mean by the “old way” is the traditional model of conventional dating. It’s the way you were taught that a man finds a woman. It’s the model you’ve been following since you first hit puberty. You’ve been told that your task is to meet a woman, talk to her, get her attention, go out on a date with her, convince her to go out on more dates with you, win her over, over this progression of dates, and finally, ultimately, secure her permission to let you pay for everything and support her completely. Either she becomes your live-in girlfriend or she becomes your wife, and supposedly that’s the end of the story and the two of you live happily ever after.

The problem with this conventional, traditional model of dating is that it never works out that way. These modern days, you are never going to meet someone who will ultimately become a long-term relationship for you like that. That’s because society, and the way women operate these days, is completely stacked against you. In fact, you could argue that society is actively hostile to male happiness and to men getting what they want. We are constantly told that the male desire for feminine companionship, without unreasonable strings or obligations, is some kind of misogyny or chauvinism. It’s some sign that men are bad, men are pigs, men can’t be trusted, and men don’t treat women well. But really, what is it that men go through in the modern world? They are expected to pay for everything. They are the engine that drives the world. They are told that everything is their fault and everything is their responsibility. If a woman has a problem, then a guy must surely be at fault, and that guy or another guy is tasked with fixing the problem. How ridiculously unfair is this? How grossly awful is it to expect this of all men… and to continue treating them this way?

The dating process takes advantage of men from start to finish. You spend tons of money and tons of time getting shot down in bars and nightclubs trying to meet a woman. If you do meet one, you are then on an endless job interview… and make no mistake, it is a job. It is work to woo a woman. You are expected never to make a mistake, never to offend her, always to please her, and always to read her mind. Fail in any of these activities and you are told you are an awful person who deserves to be alone and unhappy. And what about all those men out there who haven’t found a female companion? They are lonely, they are unhappy, they long for intimacy and sex, and they just want what everyone wants in our world: Somebody to be with them. Yet when women express this desire, they are supported, and when men express this desire, they are told they are losers who, if they only could be better men, would have no trouble finding a woman. In other words, if you as a man haven’t yet managed to attract a woman for a relationship, it is supposed to be your fault. You are somehow deficient. According to society, there is a huge population of lonely men in the world who deserve to be sad and lonely because they are not “good enough.” Is this any way to treat people?

If you do manage to take a girl out on a date, we’re back to that interview scenario. Whatever you do, don’t say a single thing she disagrees with. Don’t offend her. Don’t fail to anticipate what she wants. Don’t let her pay for anything. Make any of these mistakes and the interview is over… and you didn’t get the job. You are back to square one, once again trying to find another woman, just so you can have the dubious privilege of another endless interview. While you’re on that dating interview, she must be kept happy at all times. You are working to persuade her to let you have another date. On that other date, you are again trying to impress her, show her how much money you can spend on her, etc. And again, if anything goes wrong, you are out all the time and money you spent, because she can call a halt to the process anytime she wants. And if you complain about this at all, you are supposedly feeling “entitled!” It’s as if you’ve been set up for failure from start to finish.

This model, this old way of dating, is designed to fail. Even if you try to take on a new way of dating, such as Internet dating, you’re still just accepting the old premises. You’re just finding a new pool of people to mistreat you. This is not the way to do things! It won’t make you any happier and it won’t actually improve on your love life fortunes at all. This is why you’ve got to find a better way to do things. You’ve got to break free of the old model. You’ve got to find a better way to meet attractive women who are fun to be with and who understand how to treat you with respect.

This is where Houston escorts come in. When you book the time of a Houston escort, you are getting the time of a professional entertainer who knows how to treat you with respect. She is a fun, sophisticated, classy woman, and you can trust her to show you a good time. This is so much better than the old-fashioned way of doing things, and it is guaranteed to show you a much better time out than any traditional date ever could.


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