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Alana enjoys going shopping and is a fan of wearing the tightest, sexiest clothes she can fine. She lives a clothing optional lifestyle and likes to stay in shape by swimming and running. She is very fond of the water and does her best to stay fit and active.


“It’s probably really ironic,” says Alana, laughing, “that I like nice clothes so much, but I’m always coming up with reasons not to wear them. It’s true. I live a clothing optional lifestyle, which makes me what people sometimes used to call a ‘nudist.’ But there are a lot of misconceptions out there about this lifestyle. People think you just go around naked all the time, which of course isn’t true. For one thing, if you were just naked all the time, you’d end up getting arrested, because there are plenty of places where not having clothes is against the law. But for another thing, it’s just considered rude to inflict your nudity on places where it’s not appropriate. Where I strip down and get naked is usually home, most often, but sometimes, it’s at places like conventions or beaches that are clothing optional, where the people who are there are there to do the same thing, and it’s not weird or anything for anyone involved. I think the worst thing you can do, when you lead a lifestyle like this, is not be respectful of what other people want or are expecting. I mean, what’s the point of being comfortable in your skin and enjoying your own body if you’re just making other people uncomfortable or unhappy? That’s really the point of not wearing clothes, after all. People who are into this lifestyle have embraced the idea that this is the way to feel most free, most comfortable. Not having a lot of stuff in the way when you’re getting in touch with yourself, that’s very important. It means being totally comfortable with yourself instead of being ashamed or hiding yourself away, the way so many people do today. I think it’s a real shame that we’re so comfortable, culturally, with rudeness and even violence, but at the first hint of nudity, we all start to get uncomfortable. I think we should all strive to be a lot more comfortable with our bodies. If we were more comfortable with who we are, both in and out of our clothes, I think we would all get along a lot better. And that’s really what my job is all about. Working with my fellow Houston escorts, my job is to make my dates comfortable. It’s to help them relax. If I’m not comfortable with who I am, they can’t relax. So the more I get in touch with my incredible body, the happier I am touching myself and feeling how it is for me to go around in the world with and without my clothes, the better it helps me to do what I do.”

When it’s time to put on clothes, Alana explains that she’s more than up to the task. “I love to wear nice clothes when it’s time not to be naked anymore. I have to be wearing the tightest, sexiest thing I possibly can, because when I’m on a date with someone, my job is to be just smoking hot, all the time. You might think there’s a lot of pressure on someone, to look good whenever they go out. I don’t see it that way. I see it as pride, not pressure. I like looking good, and I like knowing when I go out that I can hold my own no matter what lovely lady I run into. When you have as your goal to look good, then you have something you can aspire to. You have something to shoot for. I think it’s very important to have goals, because without a goal in mind, without something specific you can target to accomplish, it’s way too easy to cut yourself a break. We’re all pretty lax with ourselves when you come right down to it. Our society is built on being lazy, on relaxing, and yet we’re more stressed out than ever before. Has it ever occurred to you how strange that is? I don’t intend to fall into that trap. And anyone who I take out for a good time, they won’t fall into it either. I’ll see to it that they get everything that’s coming to them and they go home happy. And if there’s any kind of problem, I’ll swing into action. I’m an action hero like that. I can do that and I can make sure that together we make memories that are going to last you a lifetime. I think that’s what life is all about, making happy memories. I always will.”

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