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Ashlee likes to work out, both with and without weights. She is working on getting a degree in Beauty., She also enjoys yoga and is an avid music fan. She likes to ride motorcycles and four-wheelers, and does a little scrap-booking. She loves to stay in shape and enjoys the fact that people think she looks innocent when she is anything but.


“There’s real power in looking like an innocent girl,” Ashlee says, laughing. “People tend to underestimate you. I want them to underestimate me. I like it when I can surprise a man, when he thinks one thing about me but then I can show him there’s another, more sultry side to my personality. No man wants to be bored. I think boredom has probably killed more relationships than any other problem. They say that money is the number one reason that couples fight, but I think it’s much more likely that those couples already have problems before they get to going after each other about money. If you think about it, every man likes variety. The male animal is wired to want variety, which is why no number of beautiful women is enough for a sexually healthy man. Think about that golfer, what was his name? Here was a guy who had everything. He was fabulously wealthy. Everyone thought he was so good he was unbeatable. He had this incredibly sexy blonde wife, a real stunner of a girl, the kind of girl that every man dreams of himself one day ending up with. And they had kids together, a mansion, plenty of nice cars, all the money they could ever want. It was the perfect life, right? Except that it wasn’t perfect at all. First, she finds out that her perfect husband is having an affair. Then she finds out he was having an affair right under her nose with this nasty skank of a girl. And then she finds out that it wasn’t just one nasty lady, but a whole bunch of them, handfuls of these porn girls and lots of other nasty ladies. And you look at a guy like that and wonder, ‘Why?’ Why would he give up his perfect life and everything he had? Well I can tell you in one word, and it has nothing to do with the fact that he could. I mean, lots of guys say the reason they don’t sleep around with dozens of hot women is because they can’t, because they don’t have the opportunity. By that logic, every man would bang all kinds of hot chicks if he could, and most of them would. But the golfer didn’t cheat on his beautiful wife and destroy his wonderful, perfect life because he could. That doesn’t make any sense. He did it because he was bored. He had everything, but it was the same every day. He got bored with it, and because he was bored, because he was looking for something unusual, for some variety, he destroyed himself. And that guy hasn’t been able to win a tournament ever since. He’s had a few minor successes, but he’s never been the person he was. It’s because he lost everything and destroyed his mental balance. That mental balance is very important.”

Ashlee goes on, “Mental balance is what you get when you take the time to relax, to enjoy yourself, and to calm yourself. Mental balance is what hiring an escort can do for you. Most men date because they want to meet women and spend time with them, but there is so much work associated with the dating process. When you book from among my fellow Houston escorts, you can date without any of the hassle, and you can spend time relaxing in the company of a gorgeous girl like me without worrying about any other issues or problems. None of the responsibility of the date is yours. It’s all my job to make sure it goes well. And what does that mean for you when it comes to spending time with me? It means that you get to totally relax, to ease your mind and achieve your calm center. That translates to mental balance. If you recharge your batteries with a girl like me, you can go on to approach the rest of your life rested and refreshed. That rest and refreshment is very important. Just like you need to sleep at night to sort of reset for your day, you need to recharge your mind periodically so you don’t fall to pieces. People who forget that lesson are people who lose control. They just lose it, and they can’t handle the stress of their lives. A beautiful girl like me is the ultimate stress relief, and that’s a promise you can take to the bank.”

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