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Breezy enjoys hiking and bird-watching, sometimes together. She loves baseball, hockey, football, and other team sports. She likes the stadium experience and is also a big fan of British television. She considers herself a champion at sleeping and believes strongly in taking good care of yourself and your body for the future and the present.


“Would you laugh at me if I said the sport I go and see doesn’t matter?” Breezy asks. “I don’t want you to think I’m a flake. But I really just enjoy getting out to a sports stadium, the bigger the better. I prefer outdoor stadiums to indoor stadiums, because I like to get fresh air when I’m out enjoying myself. I also like to go to newer stadiums rather than old ones. You would be surprised though just how many choices that leaves me. The world is full of great places to see sports, especially baseball games. I like a good baseball game. You know that saying that a hotdog always tastes better with a baseball game in front of it? I think I probably sum up that experience pretty well. I don’t really follow the teams, I don’t really care about who is ahead of who. I just like to go to the stadium, watch the athletes play, and enjoy the crowd while I eat junk food. To me, a stadium is an experience all by itself. Concerts can be fun in the same way, but they’re often distracting and too loud, so a baseball game, even with an announcer, offers a perfect balance. When I go to experience the crowd, I love to think about all those people, just teeming together, all of them with their individual thoughts, their individual desires, their individual lives. They were in a thousand different places, thousands of them, before they came to the stadium, and when the event is over, they’ll go somewhere else, a thousand different somewhere elses, and they may never see each other again unless a few of them cross paths at a future game. I think the sheer magnitude of all the people out there, living their individual lives, is amazing. People never stop amazing me.”
It is Breezy’s love of people that makes her a great escort. “When I first considered working with the other Houston escorts,” she says, “I wasn’t sure if the job was right for me. But soon I realized that I had what it took to stick out this endless party, this day to day party lifestyle that we live. So that wasn’t a big concern. But I also realized that I was never going to meet more interesting people than I do working this job. I had the perfect place right here before me, the perfect chance, to do an endless amount of people watching, except that I didn’t have to just watch. I didn’t have to limit myself to wondering. I could actually get to know those people, ask them questions and, even better, go out to fun places with them. Now, when a date books my time, I never know exactly what we’re in for unless he says something ahead of time. Every day is an adventure. The best part is that I know, no matter what we end up doing, that it’s going to be fun, and it’s going to interest me, and it’s going to make my life better. Sometimes I think it’s like I’ve won this giant lottery, this cosmic lottery where the best girls get to lead the best and most fun lives. I couldn’t ask for a better arrangement if I tried.”

Breezy is happiest, apart from her stadium going and people watching, when she is snuggled deep under the covers. “To me,” she says, “there is nothing better than the feeling of being under a big pile of blankets when it’s cold out there, but warm under the covers. I like to just wrap myself up, cocoon myself, and pretend that I’m hibernating. You know how sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night, or in the very early morning, and you realize you’ve got a lot more time to sleep, so you can really enjoy just laying your head on the pillow and falling back asleep? If you think about it, that’s the only time you can really enjoy sleeping, when you’re just drifting away, because the rest of the time, you can’t be awake to remember it or feel it. So to me I love those little bonuses when I can relish the experience of going back to sleep. Some weekends I’ll just spend the whole day in bed, waking up and going back to sleep, and feel like the most fortunate girl in the world because my lifestyle affords me abundant free time.

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