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Chastity loves to spend her time at the beach. She’s into party games, fetish play, and wearing lingerie whenever she’s not required to wear anything else. She is very proud of her ability to make every date as adventurous and exciting as possible. She enjoys all sports and will watch anything and try anything once, especially if there is an element of risk. She loves rock climbing walls and zip lines, as well as anything else with that kind of element.

“I think you’re never more alive than when you are facing your own mortality, even if it’s just a shade of reality,” she says. “What I mean is, nobody really wants to risk their lives. I don’t think they do, anyway. But we all like to tease ourselves. We all like to sort of walk up to the edge of being in danger and see how much we can scare ourselves. We like to simulate the feeling of being in danger. That’s why things like zip lines are so popular. When you ride a zip line, you’re basically just throwing yourself with gravity, feeling gravity pull your body. You’re simulating falling. And that thrill you get from it, that’s the thrill of teasing your body with danger. I think we all like to be teased. We all like to feel that danger, because it’s only when we’re close to danger that we feel truly alive. I enjoy feeling that electric current going through me, that feeling that says, ‘This is what it’s like to get up close to the edge.’”

Chastity goes on, “That’s what I like about rock-climbing walls, too, at least, that’s part of it. When I get the chance to climb one of those climbing walls, I always do it. Sometimes I think maybe I’ll get up the courage to do some free climbing on an actual cliff, but I don’t know. With the climbing wall, you always have the reassurance that there’s not that much real danger. With free climbing, when you’re out there in nature, it could all get a little too real too quickly. I think that’s a great metaphor for life, don’t you? We all want the experience, but when things get too real, when the danger grows too great, we all start to wonder if maybe we shouldn’t pull back a little But I want that experience. When I climb a climbing wall, I love the feeling of exertion. I like knowing that no matter how high I climb, it’s my muscle power that is getting me there. I like knowing, as I look down, that it was my work and my sweat that put me in that position, and the high that I feel is nothing compared to the anticipation of coming back down again. That, too, is a pretty good metaphor for life, I think. We all want to be up high. We all want to soar thanks to our own effort, and we don’t want to come down again, at least not until we’re ready.”

Chastity enjoys spending time at the beach whenever she can. “I was born to be a beach bunny,” she admits. “I love the hot sand. I love to feel it between my toes. I love to lie half in and half out of the water and feel that wonderful contrast between the hot sand and the cool water, as if it’s pulling my body in two different directions at once. And I love that at the beach, I can be as naked as humanly possible. I mean, sure, I’m still wearing a tiny string bikini, and my thong doesn’t cover up a whole lot back there, but it’s enough to keep me legal and keep me out in public. I love knowing that when I’m lying out in the hot sun in my little bathing suit, everybody can see me. Men are looking me up and down, letting their eyes roam all over my body, and every awesome curve of me is turning them on. I enjoy the power to turn on a man, to stimulate him, to arouse him. It’s incredibly empowering to have that kind of influence. I’m a sexy, beautiful girl, and I know it, but it never hurts to get a reminder. When a guy walks past me a few times at the beach, way more than he needs to, and I realize he’s doing it just so he can check me out close up, that gives me a little thrill. Depending on what he looks like I might even let him ask me out. You never know. I like to reward a man for helping me to feel good about himself. Men enjoy it when a pretty girl actually gives them the time of day. I love that.”

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