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Gabrielle enjoys reading and spending quiet time at home or in a hot tub. She enjoys peace and quiet almost as much as she enjoys partying. She loves to wear frilly, lacey, feminine clothes and lingerie. She is also an amateur painter and loves to paint landscapes. She is an amateur massage therapist who gives warm-oil body massages.


“Too few people spend the time necessary to center and ground themselves these days,” she says. “To ground yourself, to center yourself, is to find that calm part of you at your core, where the stress of daily life and all your problems can’t touch you. If you don’t do that regularly, then the things that stress you out, they can eventually get to you. They can weigh you down. That’s no way to live. You need to be freed of your stresses on a regular basis, and I don’t mean just ignoring them. If you ignore the things that bother you, you can get some temporary relief from them, sure, but they’re always going to be there in the back of your mind. They’re going to be lurking there and demanding some portion of your conscious attention. You can’t really be free of them until you have resolved them, until you have dealt with them. But you can’t do that unless you take the time to sit quietly, to relax your mind, and to really get in touch with what you’re thinking. We fill our minds with all this noise, all these distractions, and that’s how we ignore our problems. But you have to deal with your problems or they fester and grow worse. A mental issue, a stressor, that you don’t eliminate by resolving, will just grow and grow until it’s all you think about. That’s why I think what I do as an escort is so important. I have the ability to ease a man’s mind, to help him relax, and to give him a ‘safe place’ to unwind. He doesn’t have to worry about any of the ordinary things that might take up his mind when he’s with me. He just needs to sit back, relax, and know that I’m on the case. That’s the power of all escorts, really, but of Houston escorts in particular. We have this fabulous city at our disposal, and we have so many options for great, fun things to see and do. When you go out with me, it’s like this wonderful mini-vacation, where you don’t have to worry about anything and you can really just get in the groove of partying. But it doesn’t have to be a wild night if that’s not what you’re looking for. I understand that if what you’re trying to do is relax and de-stress, you may not be looking for some over the top experience once you do have the chance to enjoy some time to yourself. So all you’ve got to do is communicate with me, baby, and tell me what you’re looking for out of our night together. I can help get you centered. I can help get you back on track. And when the two of us go out for dinner and dancing, or maybe to a movie, or to anywhere else you’d like to go, and even if we’re just spending some quiet time together with a bottle of wine, talking and getting to know each other, what you’re going to realize eventually is that your burden seems lighter. Your shoulders are less tight. Your body is less tense. That’s the wonderful gift that is helping to remove someone’s stress and ease their mind. I’m a trained professional and that’s what I can do for you. That’s what all of my fellow Houston escorts can do, if you just give us a chance to help you.”

Gabrielle explains that what she loves about painting landscapes is the feeling of control. “You know that television show, where the man with big hair talks about creating your own little world? That’s what I like about painting landscapes. For just that little while, on just that square of canvas, I’m in charge of the whole world. Anything that exists, exists because I put it there. If something needs to be changed, that’s on me. If something is beautiful, it’s because I made it that way. And if something needs to be fixed, that’s on me too. I love having both that sense of freedom and that sense of responsibility. I love being the creator of my own little universe. It’s a wonderful escape from everyday concerns and mundane responsibilities, and ultimately, if the painting isn’t to your liking, you can always just start over and create another one. We don’t get too many actual do-overs in life. It’s nice to have a few.”

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