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Leah is a naturally dominant girl who is also an aspiring model and actress. She enjoys taking on new roles and pretending to be different people. She enjoys riding on motorcycles, but not driving them. She also enjoys horseback riding and dancing. She loves to be able to surprise and thrill her dates, and she never shows fear. She has a short attention span and is always looking some new, fun adventure.

“It’s a fact that the world of modeling is pretty cutthroat,” she says. “I knew that going into it, but like a lot of new girls, I had a lot of misconceptions about what it would be like when I did it. I thought most of it would just be sitting there, looking pretty, while people asked you to dress up in nice clothes, and you changed your pose and your expression from time to time, and basically they just treated you like royalty. Then you got to sit back and look at all the nice pictures and think about how good you look in all of them. The reality is a little different. Sure, people take nice pictures of you, and sure, you get to wear all kinds of different outfits, but what most people don’t realize is that in order to get a summer catalog ready before the summer actually hits, you’ve got to shoot for it in the winter. To do the winter stuff, you’ve got to get it ready in the summer. So more often than not, while you’re out there in the sun and the sand, it’s actually freezing! You’re so cold as they take their photos, and you’ve got to pretend like it’s a sultry summer day. They’ll even spray you down with water or oil you up to make you look like it’s hot out, which just makes everything worse. And when you’re doing the shoots for the winter clothes, you’re sweltering hot and trying to leave big sweat stains on everything. I tell you, it’s a lot more work than they let on, and the models aren’t treated like royalty. They’re treated more like they’re disposable than anything else, and when I think about all the girls I’ve seen cycle in and out of the business, it’s probably close to the truth to say that they are. Still, I learned a really good work ethic when I started modeling, and I don’t regret it. At the end of the day you’re still being paid to look pretty, and while it’s more work than that, it sure beats working in an office or doing something boring like that. I can’t really complain.”

Leah goes on, “I think the reason I like modeling is the same reason I like dressing up in lingerie, or trying my hand at acting. Everybody enjoys being somebody they aren’t. When we’re kids, we play pretend. As grownups, we still play roles, and we reinvent ourselves. On some level we’re always presenting ourselves as we want to be seen. We are presenting an image that we hope other people see as reality. That’s all acting is. And when you’re role-playing, when you’re dressing up in a sexy costume and playing that role for your partner, that’s still that element of illusion, mixed with the reality of the very real pleasure you get out of it. So all elements of role playing have elements of fiction and elements of fact. It’s your job to mix the two and enjoy yourself, to push yourself to do new things. Everybody loves that. I get very turned on by it.”

Leah explains that part of the reason she likes riding on motorcycles is the feeling of being out of control, or in someone else’s power. “There’s a damsel in distress in all of us,” she says, “and we love to be rescued. Admit it, ladies, you love a man who takes charge, a man who is in control while you’re along for the ride. I know I do. When I ride on a motorcycle, I have no desire to control it, to drive it. But I love to be along for the ride. I love to be carried along to some new adventure, not knowing where we’re going to go next, not knowing what the road has in store, and feeling like I’m right at the edge of wiping out, but not. That’s a thrill like riding a roller coaster. It’s a thrill like dating a new man who has that element of danger, that devil-may-care attitude. I don’t insist that every man I date be a ‘bad boy,’ because that gets old fast, but I think we can all do with an injection of that kind of thrill in our lives, once in a while. I think that’s always true.”

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