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Marlena likes fast cars. She also likes doing crossword puzzles, drinking gourmet coffee, and sewing her own clothes. She enjoys a good soak in a hot tub and also dressing up in lingerie. She also enjoys slowly stripping off her wet clothes after a dip in the pool, and if someone is watching, that’s okay with her.

“There’s something about the power of a throbbing engine,” Marlena says. “I like it when a man can offer me a ride in a big, powerful muscle car. I like the thought of all that power, just barely in control, and I like to think that when he steps on the gas, where we end up could be just about anywhere. I think the allure of a powerful automobile is not just in its power, but in the escape that it offers. We all like to think that we could just get into a big, fast car and tear up the pavement, putting the life we know and all our mundane cares and worries far behind us as that car carries us into the future. I like any movie that ends like that, with the hero just getting into his car and driving off, with nothing but the pavement before him and endless potential. Every time I get into a fast car, that’s what I’m thinking about. Big, powerful engines really turn me on.”


Of her love of hot tubs, Marlena says, “I think what I like about soaking in a hot tub is not just how it feels, but what it represents. We as people spend all our time working. You know that old saying, that we don’t work to live, but we live to work? I think every day, people get up and toil away, and they spend all day miserable. They dread getting out of bed. They wake up to alarm clocks that make them miserable. They drag themselves to jobs they hate. The whole time they’re at their jobs, they’re thinking about how much they don’t like them. Then they go home at the end of a long day, exhausted and in a bad mood. Maybe they get a couple of hours of escape from their lives, and maybe they don’t. Then they go to bed and toss and turn about getting up in the morning, and the whole thing starts all over again. Ask any of those people, though, if sitting in a hot tub could make them feel better, and they’ll almost always say yes. A hot tub represents the ultimate escape from the horrible every day drag that makes so many people unhappy. You rest in the hot water, you feel the bubbles and the jets massaging you, and it’s impossible not to feel better about yourself. It’s impossible not to feel more relaxed. As the tension drains out of your body, you can just relax and enjoy the moment. How often does the average person just enjoy the moment, instead of wishing to be somewhere else, or be doing something else, anything else? That’s why I love hot tubs. They’re a little piece of heaven that almost anybody can afford, and they transport you from the regular hassles of life to someplace where you’re just in the moment and enjoying being alive. And if you can spend that hot tub time with somebody else whose company you enjoy, well, that makes everything that much better.”

Marlena goes on, “Sometimes, when I get wet, I’m wearing clothes. Those clothes could be a bathing suit. They could be whatever I was wearing when I impulsively jumped in a pool or a hot tub. They could be sexy underwear. I think a man loves a spontaneous woman who isn’t afraid to jump into a shower or a pool with her clothes on, or with just her underwear on. And I think wet, transparent clothes on a woman are incredibly sexy. When I get to know a man, when I want to let him know how sexy I can be, I’ll wet myself down, doing something fun or spontaneous with him. Then, when it’s time to get out of the water, I’ll do a sexy little striptease for him. I’ll peel off each layer of wet clothing, and I’ll keep my eyes locked on his the whole time. I love seeing the reaction in a man’s face when I turn on the sexy charm for him like that. It’s a real turn on for me to see him getting aroused. I love to make him look at me, to get him interested in my body. When a man is looking at your body like that, it’s like he’s hypnotized. That’s the power that a pretty, sexy girl has. I love having that kind of sexy, flirty influence over men.”

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