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Megan is into belly dancing. She loves animals. She also enjoys astronomy and astrology. A naturally submissive girl, she enjoys going out to nightclubs to dance. She also likes to cook.
“I think you can learn a lot about a potential relationship by how you cook for your man,” she says, “and how he reacts to what you cook. This actually goes both ways. For starters, cooking is a lot of work, if you do it right. Anybody can throw together something that’s just okay, but to really cook well, to really put together something nice, requires quite a bit of effort. You’ve got to deal with multiple fresh ingredients. There’s prep work involved for everything. There’s a lot of time and planning. There’s also guesswork because you’ve got to figure out how to interpret some of the aspects of the recipe. Some recipes are more complicated than others, and some involve more guesses on your part. But when you get done with all that time, with all that effort, you may have something really wonderful. Well, when you cook, what inspires you to spend that kind of effort? What reason do you have to go that extra mile? If a guy doesn’t really blow you away, if he doesn’t really excite you, it won’t even occur to you to go to that kind of effort. You won’t spend that kind of time and work on him. You’ll find some easier cop out. You’ll go out to eat. You won’t even consider cooking for him, and if you do, your heart won’t be in it, so you’ll take shortcuts. Is that the kind of relationship you want, one where you are taking shortcuts? So you can gauge your own investment in a relationship, even if you didn’t think you had firm feelings about it one way or another yet, by asking yourself, should I cook for this man? If you can answer that question yes, then you’re off to a good start, and things look good for the two of you. If you ask yourself that question and you find yourself thinking that you’d really rather not, that it’s too much effort, too much time and work, then you have your answer. In your mind, on some level, you have already dismissed that guy, and reality just needs to catch up with what you are already thinking about him.”


Megan goes on, “Now, when it comes to the guy’s side of things, you can learn a lot about a guy based on how he reacts to your cooking. When you cook for him, is he impressed? Does he show that he knows how much effort you’re putting into it? Is it treating it like it’s a special thing, the way he should be, and showing you the kind of respect, understanding, and kindness that goes with that? Or is it all a joke to him? Does he dismiss it as not a big deal? If he doesn’t understand the effort you are putting in, it may be that he doesn’t understand where your relationship is relative to each other. Then the next test come when you serve him the food. Does he just accept what you give him? Is he critical? Does he know what he wants? Does he really like what you did? Or, even better, if you make something but he doesn’t like it, or you didn’t do a good job, how does he react? Does he act disappointed, or does he treat it like the opportunity that it is to get to know you? There’s so much that cooking for someone can do for you and teach you. And if done right, the two of you get to enjoy a delicious meal and each other’s company in an intimate setting, which could lead to some really great fireworks when the meal is over and dessert is on the table.”

Megan says she loves animals because they have special qualities that humans simply can’t have. “Animals are the only truly innocent creatures in the universe,” she explains. “An animal can’t lie to you. It won’t cheat you or try to mislead you. It doesn’t operate that way. It just knows that it knows, and knows what it needs. Animals are creatures of pure instinct when it comes to what they want and need, but they also learn. If you mistreat them, they learn that, and they react badly to it. But if you treat them right, they learn that too, and your time and effort will be rewarded because that animal will be healthy and happy and generally like you back. Animals are capable of incredible loyalty if you just give them the chance. They’re like men that way. They have this endless capacity to love you back.”

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