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Tammi enjoys sleeping late and being lazy. She also likes to sketch and draw. She is a big fan of watching mixed martial arts competitions. She also maintains a positive attitude in all things.
“I don’t want you to think I’m bloodthirsty or anything,” Tammi explains. “To be honest, what first attracted me to mixed martial arts were the ring card girls. You know, in boxing, there will be this attractive lady who holds up a card in between rounds. She adds a little bit of sexy splash to the proceedings. So much about boxing is just manly men doing manly things. It’s very masculine, even overwhelmingly so. Dropping a pretty girl into the middle of all that is kind of nice, because it gives everybody something else to think about. It also makes a pretty girl look that much more sexy, because of the contrast between here and the world around her.


Well, mixed martial arts has those ring card girls, and the first time I saw one, I was really impressed. Most of them are fitness models, and they are all very beautiful. When you see someone who is that young, fit, and beautiful, squeezed into a pair of shorts that are no bigger than a pair of panties, and with a matching sports-bra type top, why, that would drive just about many man wild, and for me, it made me realize just how sexy an athletic girl is. I think every man likes a fit girl. That’s why fitness models are so popular. It’s not just that they have sexy bodies, or that they have great muscle tone, or that their stomachs are tight and defined, their rear ends super strong and round, or their legs sculpted and firm. It’s because of the work they represent. Not every woman, even the beautiful ones, can have bodies like that. A tremendous amount of work is required to define all those muscles and forge that kind of body. Men respond to that amount of work. I think all men want women who have skills, and the ability to firm up your body like that, much less the discipline required, is a kind of skill. It’s very much something that most men would find impressive, and I love that. I don’t know if I could measure myself to that standard one day, but I kind of wish I could. I think it helps always to have a goal to work toward.”

In contrast, Tammi knows it’s unusual that she enjoys sleeping in and being lazy. “You might think that doesn’t go with what I just said,” she admits. “I believe you’ve got to have goals and you’ve got to work hard, because only then can you achieve the kinds of results that make a body that men desire from across a room. But I also believe firmly in the healing and restorative power of rest. Everybody is always so busy these days. You’ve got to set aside time just to let your body rest and recover. If that means taking a day during the week, like a Sunday, and just letting yourself sleep in all day, then that’s what you should do.

Tell yourself you’re going to stay naked and you’re going to lie around like that. If you can find somebody to spend the day naked with you, so much the better. If that’s the case you may even get to get in some exercise, ha ha, but that isn’t what I’m talking about. You have to tell yourself that it’s okay, part of the time, not to do anything. Just like it’s great to have goals and to force yourself to do things, and pushing yourself is wonderful, but you need to set aside the time where you allow yourself to be lazy. Is that contradictory, scheduling your lazy times? I don’t think so. I do think it’s important, though, to lead a balanced life. You also have to maintain a productive, constructive attitude, and that starts with being friendly to everyone. The power of being friendly is something we often overestimate. I’m super friendly to everyone, and that’s one of the reasons I’m so popular among the Houston escorts. I love meeting new people and getting to know them. I really enjoy being friendly to people and bringing smiles to their faces. It’s disarming when you meet someone, to show them the kind of kindness they aren’t expecting. Some people will just take an immediate like to you when you do that for them. Others take longer to warm up, but the idea is the same. Whenever I meet a new man, I always try to be as friendly as possible as often as possible, right off the bat, so we have a chance at real success.”

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